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Chancel Choir

Hand Bell Choir

Senior Chime Choir

Junior Chime Choir

Special Music

Special Music

Katie Wiley:

Offers a rendition of "Amazing Grace" on the Euphonium.

The Cubitt Quartet:

Sing gospel music favorites.

Our Youth:

Offer their piano and vocal talents.

The Bad Axe High School Trumpet Line Performs:

"Fanfare and Allegro"
Written and directed by Mrs. Cathy Hoeft.

The Women's Choir Performs:

"You Are Holy"
for "Father's Day" Sunday.

The Tradition Continues:

Bill Hamilton leads the men, serenading the women of the Church on "Mother's Day" Sunday.

Elwin Cubitt (vocal) and,
Tom Laity (trumpet)
offer a duet from Handel's "Messiah,"
"The Trumpet Shall Sound."

The Elwin Cubitt, Mary McCracken, Lori Lehrke, and
Robin Zurek Mixed Quartet:

Blend their offering of
"I Sing the Mighty Power of God," and "This World Is Not My Home."

Bill Denbrock:

Offers the Keith Snell arrangement for saxophone of "Scherzo."

The Jaclyn Yoder, Katie Essian, and
Meredith Lorencz Trio:

Blend an angelic offering of
"O Worship the King."

The Cubitt Family:

Share a vocal medley of favorite hymns.

Ernest Paulick:

Pipes his Highland rendition of
"Amazing Grace."

The Lehrke Family:

Share their instrumental and vocal offering of
"How Great Is Our God."

Members of the 2007 Mission Project to Tennessee:

. . . share a number of devotional songs from their trip.

Cherrie Mooney:

Shares her harp offering of Meg Robinson's
"Dance of the Night."

The Men's Octet Choir
provided vocals for Memorial Day.
Among the selections were:
"The Star Spangled Banner,"
"The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
and, "Blades of Grass and Pure White Stones."

Claude Mestack's vocals and saxophone instrumentals provide special music for the
8:15 am. worship service.

The men of the church serenade the women on "Mother's Day" Sunday.

Carol Zurek, our Flute Choir director, is our principle flautist.

Cherrie Mooney provides our church with string music from the Celtic harp.

Very accomplished on the trumpet, Tom Laity serves as a soloist from time to time during the year.