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Special Categories of Membership

Members of other Christian congregations who are "residing for an extended period in a city or community at a distance from the members's home church" may be enrolled at Bad Axe First United Methodist Church as Affiliate Members (if United Methodist) or Associate Members (if members of another denomination).

Affiliate and Associate members are eligible to hold offices and participate in all activities open to other professing members, except those offices which would place them on the Administrateve Council.

These special categories of membership are intended for people who are temporary residents of the area -- college students, people who maintain tow residences, perhaps folks in the armed forces. Affiliate or Associate membership ends when the person moves away.

Regarding Membership into the family at Bad Axe First United Methodist Church:

Professing Membership

A person may become a Professing Member of Bad Axe First United Methodist Church through one of two "doors."

1). Profession of Faith

--at Baptism, or at Confirmation of baptismal vows (for people Baptized as infants), the candidate makes their first formal profession of Christian faith before the congregation. Confirmation classes or a short series of consultations with the pastor are required.

2). Transfer of Membership

--A person who has been a professing member of another Christian congregation transfers their membership to this congregation. This is done by letter or certificate sent from the former congregation to this one.

If you desire more information about membership at First United Methodist Church, or,

. . . if you are attending, and wish to transfer your membership, please let our Minister or Church Secretary know so they can assist you in the process.

E-Mail the Church Office
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Phone during business hours:
(Monday through Thursday,
from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.)

1-(989) 269-7671

Changes in Membership Status

A person may leave membership at Bad Axe First United Methodist Church by death, or through one of the following "doors."

1). Transfer of Membership

-- to another congregation of the United Methodist Church, or to another denomination. We encourage all members who move too far from Bad Axe First United Methodist Church for regular worship attendance to consider transferring their membership to a church nearer their new residence.

2). Withdrawal

--Upon a members's request, he or she may withdraw membership from the congregation, without becoming a members of another confregation.

3). Removal by Church Conference Action

--If a member is inactive, despite encouragement to renew their active participation in the church for two consecutive years, their membership may be removed by vote of the Church Conference at its annual meeting.

4). Reinstatement of Membership

Members who have withdrawn or been removed by Church Conference action may request to have their membership reinstated at any time, either to:

1). become active again, or

2). to transfer their membership to another congregation.

New Membership classes . . . are periodically available during the year.
Classes include an extesive tour of our church, beliefs, and programs offered.