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Interfaith Softball League

Congratulations, 2012 Interfaith Softball League:

Regular Season Champions!!!

First United Methodist Church:

. . . has a long history of fielding a softball team in the Bad Axe Interfaith League, as evidenced by:

. . . the 1979 vintage League Champions!

Team Members included:

(First Row, from left to right) Bill Piotter, Brian Cubitt, Kelly Murdock, Ron Piotter, Andy Murdock. (Middle Row) Elwin Cubitt, Chuck Mantey, Michelle Cubitt, Roger Bonnema, Mel McCracken, Robin Zurek, Gene Cubitt, Jim Parks, (Top Row) Tom Laity, Dale Cubitt, Brian Rosenthal, John Piotter, Duane Cubitt.

Currently, our church:

. . . continues to have an entry in the Bad Axe Area Coed Interfaith Softball League.

The season lasts from May to mid-Summer.

The team is always looking for additional talent--could this activity be for you!
Give the coaches a call!

For more information:

Call Jim Hallock and/or Troy Hildreth at: 1-(989) 269-7671

E-Mail For More Information
Click Here

Bottom Row, from left to right) Ashton Yaroch, Bill Piotter, Katie Volmering, Sarah Piotter, Ron Piotter. (Top Row) Frank Gorkowski, Troy Hildreth, Joe Volmering, Matt Siemen, Jim Hallock, Scott Wolschleger.

Images from the Summer of 2012 Softball Season!

Pre-Game Prayer.

Troy Hildreth.

Sarah Piotter.

Jim Hallock.

Matt Siemen.

Frank Gorkowski.

Scott Wolschleger.

Great play by pitcher, Joe Volmering.

Nice try at Shortstop!

Joe Volmering serves-up a tempting pitch.

UMC occasionally showing that "It is better to give than receive."

Joe Volmering.

Bill Piotter.

Katie Volmering.

Ron Piotter.

Ashten Yaroch.

"The Greatest Scorekeeper:"
Lynn Schmitt.

Our Great Supporters!

Team Bench.

The coaches looking on with approval.

Images from the Summer of 2008 Softball Season!
Special thanks to Jennifer Sroka for the pictures.

2007 Team Members Pose For A Pre-Game Picture:

(First Row, from left to right) 2B, Katie Volmering; SS, Katie Piotter; (Middle Row) CF, Macy McCracken; C, Tammy Piotter; 1B & Mgr., Bill Piotter; RF, Andy Murdock; (Top Row) LF, Trent Ross; P, Matt Schmitt; 3B, Frank Gorkowski; Not Pictured, Joe Schmitt.

Before the game, players assemble:

. . . for a pre-game prayer.

Then, it's "Play Ball!"

Frank Gorkowski prepares for a mighty swing!

Matt Schmitt:

. . . gives his best pitch.

Joe Schmitt

. . . prepares to give the ball a long ride!

Katie and Katie:

. . . combine on a force out.

Andy Murdock:

. . . connects for a base hit.

Trent Ross:

. . . looks to leg out a base hit!

Macy McCracken:

. . . smashes a base hit.

Tammy Piotter:

. . . attempts to drive the ball past the Third baseman.

Bill Piotter:

. . . shows his homerun form.