United Methodist Women's Group of Bad Axe, Michigan

Our annual apple pie marathon was held October 18-20, 2007 .
1,200 pies were made during this event.
Volunteers from throughout the church and community helped make this event a success.

Before the marathon began, we made the crusts.
Many hands made for light work.

We used 800 pounds
of flour during this year's marathon.

Here is a picture of our dough-making
crew hard at work.

Even though this is a women's group project,
the help of men from the church make it a success.

After the dough making, we prepared for the messy
job of making pies by putting tarps over the floors.

We purchased apples from Leipprandt's Orchards.
We used 85 bushels of apples to make the pies.

Many church volunteers made the messy work
of peeling apples go faster.

We had an efficient system where some people
peeled apples, while other people sliced them.

We were blessed to have the Sheriff's work
crew working alongside our church volunteers.

Peeling apples provided time for
fellowship with other Christians.

After the apples were peeled, we began
rolling out the dough to make the crust.

Men, as well as women, participated
in making the crust.

Our efficient crew quickly rolled out
each ball of dough to make the perfect crust.

After the crust was rolled out,
it was put into a pie tin.

Sliced and peeled apples were put into large
bowls and mixed with other ingredients.

After the crust was put in a pie tin, the apple
mixture was added and butter was put on top.

Next, a top crust was added, the extra dough
was cut off, and the edges were crimped.

More of our tireless volunteers putting
the finishing touches on the pies.

Our next step was to place each pie
into a bag.

Finally, the pies were put in a box
and baking directions were added.

Keeping tabs on orders and payments
is a big job.

Another big job was cleaning up after we were finished.
Thanks to all our volunteers!

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