United Methodist Men's Group of Bad Axe, Michigan

We had a clay pigeon and target shoot at Elwin and Joan Cubitt’s on September 16th.
There were 27 people in attendance including some youth.
We had a light lunch at 1 p.m. and then had the shoot immediately afterwards.
We shot at clay pigeons with shotguns and used 22 caliber rifles on targets.
We had a couple people join us who were new to shooting and they had a good time.
We had a competition and Andy Sommers won the contest.
The Cubitt's donated a pheasant hunt (which is a VERY nice prize)!

After the clay pigeons and target shooting,
we shot an automatic rifle and shot some handguns.
This was done at the end of the event so that if people
didn't want to shoot these guns or be around them, they didn't have to.

Andrew Cubitt, a police officer, was there to teach gun safety and shooting techniques.
His son Noah helped out by using the thrower to launch the clay pigeons.
The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time.
Besides Shooting, there was much fellowship

We want to thank Elwin and Joan Cubitt for graciously hosting
the UMM Clay Pigeon and Target Shoot at their home this past Sunday.
A LOT of work goes into planning and setting up this event.
We had a competition at the end of the shoot for those who wanted to participate
and the winner was Andy Sommers who won a Pheasant hunt.
This is a very nice prize which was also donated by the Cubitts.

We had a small luncheon for anyone who wanted to attend.
We had hot dogs, bean soup, cole slaw, potatoe chips, cake...
Mid afternoon we also had apples and cookies.

Here are a couple of youth picking apples.
Besides shooting,
There was a lot of time for
fellowship and having fun.

Tom Laity received a certificate for his shooting skills.
Last year Tom shot 100% by missing every target.
Tom maintained his perfect score again this year.
Who knows maybe the third time will be the charm.

Clay Pigeon Shooting with Shotguns

Here is a group shot of the spectators and shooters during the Clay Pigeon Shoot.

Andy Sommers (our contest winner).

Curt Myers.

Dave Ridner.

Joan Cubitt (as good as ever).

One of the youth that shot.

Another youth.

John Mooney.

One of the youth.

Marilyn Cubitt

Robin Zurek

Tom Laity

Wally Humphrey-Phillips

22 Caliber Rifle Target Shooting

Here is a group shot of the 22 caliber Rifle Shooting area.

Curt Myers.

One of our youth.

Another youth.

and more youth.

After the Shotgun and 22 Rifle Target Shooting,
those who wanted to were able to shoot an Automatic Rifle and Handguns.

The people that did stay to try these really enjoyed the opportunity.

223 Caliber Automatic Rifle

Andrew Cubitt.

Andy Sommers

Wally Humphrey-Phillips

John Mooney

One of our youth.

There were several different Handguns to choose from.

Andrew Cubitt.

One of the youth.

Andy Sommers.

Waly Humphrey-Phillips.

Doralyn Cubitt.

Duane Cubitt.

Robin Zurek.

If you missed this event, you missed a Great time of fun and fellowship.
Please don't be left out of the next opportunity.

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